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I have a loose front tooth from a fall, is there anything I can do beside going to a dentist?

Two weeks ago, I fell and smacked the left side of my head/face on the floor. As a result, my front tooth loosened. After all this time, it is still loose, I do not have dental insurance to go to a dentist, so I am looking for a "self solution" if there is one out there. Thanks,

I have a loose front tooth from a fall, is there anything I can do beside going to a dentist?
You really need to figure out some way to go to the dentist. You may have no visible damage to the tooth, but if it's loose you can possibly have damage to the roots. Just like with a plant, if the root is damaged the plant can die; so can your tooth. You can also get an infection in your gums and loose more teeth. A standard checkup is relatively inexpensive, and they can diagnose and give you an estimate on what it will cost if something does not need to be done, and then you can come back later and get it done. Also, a lot of places will be willing to set up a payment plan for work done that can be extremely reasonable......sorry for your fall.
Reply:Not too much you can do on your own I'm afraid...except maybe try not to chew or brush it too hard. You really do need to let a dentist look at it though...even if it costs you some money. Unless you don't mind losin' yo toof....
Reply:A loose tooth is not going to reset and heal itself. Dentist, now!
Reply:no question,honey.its a dentist or nothing.no quickie cure 4 this one.it might start 2 decay and then u REALLY would need 2 go take it out.never fear.there's always celluloid or veniers!!!lol!!
Reply:move to kentucky, that way you will fit in much better.
Reply:that tooth will fall out. that is if you dont go to the dentist. Really. if its loose and fully connected to your gums than it will start to die. A dentist should be able to get it back in place so it can get reatached to your gums. Im sorry but you need to see a dentist.
Reply:If you go to a dentist ASAP, he or she may be able to splint your tooth against the teeth next to it, so that it doesn't fall out and has a chance to repair. This will cost you a little bit, but splinting can be fairly simple and it won't cost you nearly as much as replacing a tooth that has fallen out. The soon you go in, the less chance you have of losing that tooth, and the more money you will save in the long run. Teeth aren't a do-it-yourself type of thing -- you should really have a dentist look at it.
Reply:when my little sister was 9 she fell off her bike and hit her front teeth(adult teeth), and she didn't tell our mom they were loose. After about 2-3 weeks they were still pretty wobbly and then they started to turn dark gray. Then 1 fell out and mom took her to a dentist, and she ended up losing the other 3 too. If it's been loose this long it's probly gonna fall out. If you don't mind having a missing tooth I guess you don't have to do anything, but you might want to at least get it checked out before it gets infected unless it falls out first. That's how my sister lost 4 of her front teeth.

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