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How long does a loose permenent tooth stay loose for?

alright i was punched in the mouth(long story) and it made my front tooth kinda loose and out of place so i pused it back to its correct position in the socket.

the next day i went to the dentist and he said i had class 1 mobility i think. or class 1 something.

how lonh does it take to get better. because right now when i put pressure on the tooth it hurts. it kinda feels like after a root canl like al jelly like. also how long does it take to fully heal and b able to eat on it?

How long does a loose permenent tooth stay loose for?
Mild Periodontitis AKA Class I mobility

Inflammation will spread to the supporting alveolar bone. Minor bone loss and the formation of periodontal pockets, or food traps, may occur. this causes infections as i copied from another user and this can inflame to the gums and u already have mild gingivitus probably
Reply:First of all how old are you? i ask this since prognosis for younger teeth (with an open apex) is better that those for teeth with a closed apex.

From your description i gathered that you may have suffered an extrusive luxation whereby the tooth suffers axial displacement partially out of the socket.

Normally a non rigid splint is used to keep the tooth in occlusion and radiographs taken every 3 weeks approx to check if there is any root resorption or bone loss.

If you have a closed apex, the likelihood of revascularization is minimal therefore root canal therapy can be initiated just prior to splint removal.

keep that tooth under review with the dental surgeon as it may be dying - pulp necrosis. If just incase the tooth fell on the floor before you reimplanted it, make sure you go and get a tetanus shot.


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